How To Remove Motor Oil And Grease Stains From Your Driveway

Motor oil and stubborn grease stains on driveways are a common occurrence faced by most homeowners. These stains can be effectively removed with aggressive cleaning methods by a professional cleaner. Concrete is porous and driveway concrete is not of the same finish as one used indoors. Pores on concrete and cracks seep in oil or […]

How To Pressure Wash Your House

Pressure washing your house is not an ordinary task because it requires use of special tools and preciseness in cleaning different structural materials. If done well, a pressure or power washed house can have more curb appeal to potential home buyers. This cleaning also prepares the house for painting. If you want to clean your […]

How To Clean And Seal Interior Concrete Floors

Concrete is durable and beautiful enough to be used for indoor floors. Concrete is porous in nature and can thus absorb spills, dirt and even attract mildew. Foot traffic also destroys the gloss look of concrete. This material can therefore stain and leave unsightly marks on its surface. Scrubbing is the easy way out for […]

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