How To Remove Motor Oil And Grease Stains From Your Driveway

Motor oil and stubborn grease stains on driveways are a common occurrence faced by most homeowners. These stains can be effectively removed with aggressive cleaning methods by a professional cleaner. Concrete is porous and driveway concrete is not of the same finish as one used indoors. Pores on concrete and cracks seep in oil or grease and it letting sit for long only makes cleaning hard. Expertise is therefore needed in cleaning heavily contaminated concrete driveways or oil spots that have stayed for long on particular areas.

Professional concrete cleaning applies the following procedure:

Oil or grease removal

Professional cleaners use a variety of chemical cleaners to remove fresh grease or motor oil stains. Hydro-carbon-based cleaning agents and degreasers can be used in cleaning. Excess oil or grease that can be touched is first cleaned away before aggressive cleaning follows. To loosen the oil or grease for easy removal, your contractor can choose to use an absorptive material like kitty litter mixed with a strong solvent to break and suck in the excess oil or grease. The kitty litter is then rubbed in the stain and left to sit for several hours. Later on, the mess is swept away for safe disposal. The oil marks left behind will then need to be cleaned with water and special pressure washer detergent. This method is practical for small grease or oil stains on driveway.

For large oil or grease stain removal on driveway concrete, your contractor can use a more advanced method used in cleaning large oil spills in seas and waterways. This is the use of unique single-celled microorganisms that largely feed on crude oil and its byproducts. Oxygen and enzymes from the microorganisms digest oil and changes it to carbon dioxide. More microorganisms are formed in the process and keep on eating the oil. When their food (oil) is finished, they die. The result is a clean, oil-free concrete driveway.

Pressure washing

Kitty litter will remove the viscous oil or grease stain. After sweeping it away, the stain left behind has to be cleaned for a neat look. Your contractor will use a special detergent for pressure washers and spray it on the stain mark. Degreaser or stronger agent may also be used to help break the oil. The detergent solution is left to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, a scrub brush is used to gently scrub the stain.

Final rinsing

After the first cleaning, rinsing with clean water is done to see if the oil stain has disappeared. If it is still present, the cleaning procedure with detergent should be repeated all over again until the stain disappears completely. Concrete will then be left to dry after cleaning before you use it again.

Cleaning oil or grease stains from the driveway is not an easy task and that is why you should hire a professional cleaning company to do the job for you. You can however prevent constant, costly cleaning by placing a cardboard under a parked car that is leaking oil on the driveway. The quicker you have fresh oil or grease stains cleaned from the driveway, the less time and money will be spend in cleaning.

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