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Roof cleaning and repair are some of the important maintenance services that should be carried out regularly to prolong the life service of your house. A well maintained roof looks good and adds value to your home if you intend to sell your home in future. Failure to clean your roof exposes it to dirt accumulation and growth of plant life like lichen, algae, moss and mold. These invaders only weigh down on your shingles and cause leaks and water damage. Repair cost is also immense in such situations. Roof cleaning will maintain the longevity of your shingles and roof structure. Hire professional roof cleaning service for inspection and cleaning. The following guide will help you understand the importance of professional roof cleaning service.

roof pressure washing killeen tx

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Roof Cleaning Methods

Algae growth on roofs is common and can be identified as black patches. The fungi and other forms of dirt can be cleaned out for a new-looking roof. The type of roof on your building will however determine the kind of cleaning method needed to effectively eliminate the elements aging your roof. Basically, roof cleaning can be done by two methods which are chemical washing and pressure washing:

  1. Chemical washing

Common chemical solutions used in roof cleaning include chlorine and sodium hydroxide. The advantage of chemical washing is that it can be used on any type of roofing material. Chemical washing also kills stain-causing plants like algae and moss on your roof.

  1. Pressure washing

This method uses pressurised water to blast out algae and other forms of plant life growing on your roof. Pressure washing is effective for tiles or metallic roofs.

A professional can use one cleaning method or combine both depending on the elements that have invaded your roof.

Roof Pressure Washing

 A professional will use a pressure washer machine to clean a roof with water. If you are thinking of hiring pressure washer from your local hardware shop, better hire an expert to clean your roof because pressure washers can be very damaging to shingles if handled carelessly. Pressurized water from a pressure washer will loosen the roots of plants growing on your roof and wash the mess away.

roof pressure cleaning kileen tx

Interested in hiring a roof washing professional in Killeen, TX or surrounding areas? Give us a call at (254) 206-2937 and make an appointment today!

To remove algae, your professional cleaner will begin with a small area on the peak of the roof and work his way downwards. The water pressure can be very destructive. To avoid damage, the head of the wand is directed at least 30 cm away from the roof surface at medium pressure. The wand is lowered gently to blast out mold or lichen. Very high pressure will only rip the roof surface and loosen the seams of shingles exposing your roof to moisture damage.

Chemical Washing

If you prefer to clean your roof, consider using chlorine solutions as they are weaker compared to sodium hydroxide. Remember to wear protective clothing and safe eye protection because chemical solutions can easily irritate the skin and eyes. A professional will recommend use of chemical cleaning for your roof if you have mold or algae problem on your roof. The chemical solution to be used is applied on the fungi and left for sometime. The mess is then brushed off gently and the roof rinsed off with water. Moss and algae will be destroyed by the chemicals to leave your roof stain-free.

Safety Tips

 If you have a steeply pitched roof, avoid the risk of do-it-yourself cleaning. You may fall from high heights or even slip and fall from the wet roof. Remember that algae can be very slippery when wet.

The same way chemical solutions kill plant life on your roof is the same way they can destroy your herbs and plants thriving in your garden. Protect your lawn and plants below with a tarpaulin from the damaging-effect of chemical solutions when cleaning your roof. The chemicals should as well be safely disposed away from plant and animal life.

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