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Periodic roof cleaning by a professional cleaner is an important part of home maintenance tasks that will protect your roof from decay and prevent expensive repairs. A clean roof is attractive and can even increase the value of your home if you intend to sell it in future. You can do the cleaning yourself but it is better to hire a roof cleaning contractor, such as Expert Drywall USA in Frisco, TX, for the best results. Roof cleaning specialists use a variety of cleaning methods and tools. The following guide will focus on roof cleaning through power washing and roof cleaning with chemicals.

Roof Cleaning Methods

Roof cleaning professionals apply their expertise and special tools to clean different types of roofs. Typically, there are two roof cleaning methods used by professionals to remove algae from roofs. These methods are:

• Pressure washing – In this method high pressurized water from a power washer is used to blast out dirt, mold, algae and debris from the roof.
• Chemical cleaning – Also called soft washing, the method utilizes chemicals to soften and destroy microorganisms on the roof which are later rinsed off.

Both of these roof cleaning methods have their own strengths and shortcomings. If you understand your roof type, you can go on and choose an ideal cleaning method that will get rid of the unwanted contaminants.

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Roof Pressure Washing Procedure

Since pressure washing uses highly pressurized water, it is best suited for metal or concrete roofs. This cleaning method can easily damage shingles if executed poorly. Cleaning with a pressure washer should always follow the direction of shingles and start from the peak of the roof. Clean small portions as you work your way downwards. You can consider using soap in cleaning to help loosen grime. Avoid directing the jet of water in between tiles or shingles as this can easily loosen the seal and expose your roof to moisture issues. Experts normally recommend no more than 1,500 psi when pressure washing to safeguard your roof. Maintain a 30cm distance from the wand to the roof. Signs of granules or grit from your roof as seen in the gutter mean that the water pressure is too high and needs to be reduced.

Chemical Roof Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is an effective way to clean the roof. Chlorine bleach works perfectly in removing tough stains and in killing unwanted plant life on the roof like mold and algae. Chlorine is a natural chemical that breaks down into salt, oxygen and water hence less harmless. Sodium hypochlorite is also used in roof cleaning but because of its very high corrosive nature, most DIY cleaners avoid it and prefer chlorine bleach.

If your roof has been stained by algae, rain or other substances, chemical cleaning can be effective especially for shingles and tiles. Chlorine bleach is less harsh on roof cleaning than other chemicals. You need to mix one part of chlorine with one part of clean water to get an effective cleaning solution. Next, you need to apply the solution on the contaminated roof and let it sit for a few minutes. The bleach will work by loosening dirt and algae after which they can be rinsed off.

For tough stains, professionals may add a green detergent which also dissolves grease for extra cleanliness. A hose rather than a power washer is then used to rinse off the detergent, bleach and dirt residues.

Safety Tips

• Bleach should be thoroughly rinsed off from the roof because it can corrode metallic roofing materials and some other delicate parts on your building.
• Never handle roof cleaning chemicals without gloves, eye protection and protective clothing because the solutions can irritate the skin and eyes.
• Consider shielding your lawn, potted plants and shrubs underneath your house with tarp whenever using chemical cleaners as they can kill plant life.
• Never step on a wet roof especially if it is has algae. Algae is very slippery when wet and stepping on it risks serious falls.
• Never direct a water jet from a power washer on people, animals or windows. The high pressure is not only damaging to buildings but can tear through the skin.

Finally, always take note that roof cleaning is not for everyone, consider hiring a professional roof cleaner if you are in doubt of your expertise or lack proper cleaning equipment.

Interested in hiring a pressure washing professional in Frisco, TX or surrounding areas? Give us a call at (214) 390-4557 and make an appointment today!

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