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Your property… it’s one of your biggest assets, and you need to care for it as much as possible. You must take care of its inside – electrical, plumbing, flooring, etc. – and you must also take care of the exterior of it – siding, driveway, grass and roof. Since it’s such a major asset, you need to hire only a professional service to address the issue your property may have.

If your home or business is in need of roof pressure cleaning, you should hire an experienced team of professionals to address the problem. Have you noticed a build-up of algae, mold and moss on your roof? Did you know that these “stains” are ugly and can take away from a property’s value?

A service such as All Pro Washing in Lubbock, TX can take care of this and more, making sure to clean the property’s exterior properly and safely.

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Why Hire a Professional Roof Power Washing Company in Lubbock TX?

We offer a professional residential and commercial roof pressure cleaning and washing service – to ensure your building’s roof looks its best at all times. After all, it’s important your building looks good at all times. Any kind of stain – be it algae, mold, moss or whatever – can take away the appeal your property can give. Stains are more than just an aesthetic problem; they can become a real structural problem too.

With All Pro Washing, we can take care of all those problems – whatever the problem may be. Our team will make sure to extend the life of your roof and other exterior pieces of your home or business.

Doing it yourself isn’t the best idea either. Many homeowners think they can clean their roof, but you have to understand that there’s too much that can go wrong. You can accidentally use the wrong pressure on the roof, causing undue damage. You may not even have the tools to properly clean the roof, which can, again, lead to damage. You could also become injured trying to power wash the roof yourself.

It’s better to let professionals with the tools and knowledge to handle the job for you. All Pro Washing employs highly-skilled, highly knowledgeable technicians that can do the job right. We know how to address the problem and be safe while they do their job.

Don’t try pressure cleaning your roof yourself. You have too much to lose by doing it yourself including your life. Allow the professionals to do it for you at a reasonable price.

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Benefits Of Our Roof Cleaning Service in Lubbock TX

There is a multitude of reasons to hire a professional roof cleaning service. You already know that doing the cleaning yourself isn’t a really good option. However, there are several important reasons you need to have a roof pressure washing:

• Improvement In Looks – Brown, black and green stains take away from a building’s aesthetics, which can lower a person’s opinion of the home or office.

• Improvement In Service Life – Moss and mold retains moisture, which can slowly depreciate a structure. With a plethora of moisture on a roof, it can lead to structural cracks, peeling, water damage and roof leaks. However, regularly cleaning the moss and mold drastically reduces the chances of these problems.

• Selling Your Property Becomes Easier – If you’re thinking about selling your home, a roof washing can improve its curb appeal. A better curb appeal can raise the value of your home, which increases the overall price.

• Safe, Effective Technicians – The technicians at All Pro Washing use only the safest cleaning solutions on your roof. Again, we know how valuable your biggest asset is. So, we use only the safest products on the market to power wash your home and roof with. We do everything we can to protect your home or business – whatever material the property is using.

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Roof Pressure Washing Method That Works

All Pro Washing constantly updates its training regime for our workers so that they are always updated on the best practices for roof power washing. Whether the job is for a commercial or residential roof, we always send the best possible team to tackle your problem. All Pro Washing trains all of their roof cleaners regarding the proper procedures.

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What is The Best Time To Get Started

The best time to clean the roof is when you notice stains appearing or when you’re about to sell your home. Of course, you can keep a build-up of algae, moss and mold down by hiring a professional roof pressure washing service to regularly clean your roof before these problems present themselves.

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A majority of homeowners are under the mistaken impression that a dirty, stained room needs replacing to look beautiful once more. However, you can save yourself a ton of money by washing your roof instead. You can learn more about our service by visiting or call (806) 414-3644.

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