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We know how important your property is to you. We know that algae, mold and other stains can detract from its overall beauty. We also understand that some organisms can do real structural damage to the property. If you’re having difficulties keeping up with the cleaning of your roof and exterior, All Pro Washing in Abilene, TX can assist you. We have the tools, skills and knowledge to eliminate the signs of mold, moss and algae; to extend the life of your roof and exterior.

Homeowners, property managers and realtors... is there a piece of property you own that is dirty and heavily stained? Think that the only way to get a clean roof is to replace it? Instead of going the expensive route and replacing a perfectly good conditioned roof, why not clean it instead?

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Why Hire a Professional Roof Power Washing Company in Abilene TX?

Many people are under the impression that cleaning their roof is an easy task – much like cutting their grass or washing their car. However, it’s important to understand that pressure cleaning your roof isn’t easy and should never be done by yourself. In fact, here’s a look at reasons you should avoid cleaning your roof yourself and hire experts to do it for you:

You don’t always have the right tools to properly clean off the stains and organisms that can damage your roof and exterior, which also lead to structural issues of the home.

You may do more damage, especially if there’s too much pressure placed on the roof for the kind of tile or shingles you have. Without any proper knowledge of this pressure washing methods, you may end up having to replace a perfectly good roof due to the damage.

You could become injured in a roof pressure washing job. If you put too much pressure on the roof, you could end up falling from it, or you could slip from the water. And, it’s also possible that your injuries could become fatal.

Don’t take chances! Instead, hiring All Pro Washing services to address your roof’s washing needs. They can clean the roof safely and quickly without any injuries or damage to your roof.

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Benefits Of Our Roof Cleaning Service in Abilene TX

Our roof pressure cleaning service is second to none – and the benefits you get are astounding. What are the kinds of advantages you see from a roof cleaning service?

• Enhancement In Both Roof and Home – Impressions are everything, especially first impressions. When a person sees a dirty, stained roof, they don’t think too highly of the building. They often think you don’t care about the property and may not have even cared to keep the inside of it kept up. If you’re not caring for the roof, are you not caring for the plumbing and electrical too?

• Extend Roof’s Service Life – A properly maintained roof can last for many years. However, if you allow moss, mold and algae to proliferate, it can damage the structural integrity of your shingles or tiles. It can lead to peeling, cracking, water damage and eventually roof leaks. In order to keep these things from happening, you need to clean your roof on a regular basis.

• Faster Home/Business Sale – This goes back to first impressions. If you’re trying to sell your home or business, a freshly power washed property that’s also in good condition will sell much faster than a home that looks in disrepair (from the outside). Boost the transaction speed by getting the roof and exterior power washed before you put the property on the market.

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Roof Pressure Washing Method That Works

When you receive your call, we’ll send out a team of professional pressure washers to get a look at the project. We will access the kind of roof you have and how bad the “damage” is. We will formulate a plan of attack to eliminate the blemishes and dangerous organisms that are affecting the building’s curb appeal and structural integrity.

Our technicians will only use the safest and gentlest cleaning products and methods on your roof. We use a special algaecide solution that will kill the living organisms on your roof and exterior, without causing any cracking or fading on the tiles or shingles. We will also work quickly on the lowest setting to clean your type of roof. And, we do this without any injuries or accidents.

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What is The Best Time To Get Started

Call All Pro Washing to get rid of all the dirt and mold on your roof today. Do not wait until there is a buildup of dirt and mold.

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The instant you see mold and moss on your roof or building exterior is the moment you need to call us. We will give you the best deal possible to clean your home or business. With regular cleanings, you can stay ahead of the build-up and extend the life of your roof. Don’t go the expensive route and replace your roof. We offer our cleaning services at a highly affordable rate.

You can learn more about us and our services by visiting or by calling us at (325) 219-0646. If your home or business is plagued with stains, don’t delay… call us today!

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