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When you need a pressure washing company in the McAllen, Texas area, All Pro Washing has the experience needed for commercial and residential exterior house washing. Our professionals work with realtors, homeowners, and business property managers to revitalize the roof of buildings back to a clean and beautiful state.

You should try to keep your building looking the best possible by treating and preventing moss, algae, and other stains that can lead to curb appeal being reduced or other damages. There are stains that can cause more than aesthetic issues. There are live organisms that can cause major damages to the exterior of your building. We pride ourselves at All Pro Washing in assisting property owners in maintaining buildings to extend the exterior life while preventing further damages. We are able to remove moss, algae, and other problem stains with our roof pressure washing services.

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Why Hire a Professional Roof Power Washing Company in McAllen TX?

Many people attempt to do their own property maintenance, thinking they can save money with the DIY method. However, this can become costlier without experience and having the proper equipment and cleaning solutions. There are many ways you can damage your roofing. At All Pro Washing, we have experienced professionals who are trained for safely and effectively cleaning your roof the first time. Homeowners often lack the proper tools for safely cleaning, which can result in accidents that cause injuries and can be fatal. By contacting your local power washing company, you can be sure that the property is safely cleaned, with no accidents.

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Benefits Of Our Roof Cleaning Service in McAllen TX

Roof pressure cleaning comes with many benefits:

Enhancing appearance – You are able to improve the appearance of your property simply by cleaning any stains present. Brown, black or green growth does not give visitors a good impression.

Extended service life – Cleaning certain things, such as moss can extend the life of your building. By trapping moisture, moss leads to cracking, peeling, and water damage that causes deterioration to the structure. Prevent further damages by having moss treated.

Effective and safe – Our professional ensure that your property is our main priority, and that is why we use cleaning methods that are 100% safe and without damages to your building. Our specially formulated solution and equipment is made for power washing buildings made from various types of materials, this way you know your business or home is safe and protected.

Listing for sale – If you are looking to sale your property, you can increase the rate of transaction by getting a simple roof cleaning or a full pressure washing done for the property. This allows buyers to see the buildings good structure, and improves curb appeal.

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Roof Pressure Washing Method That Works

To ensure that the roof pressure cleaning is done property, the correct tools need to be used, along with cleaning solution. For removing algae and moss, our professionals use a special algaecide solution that will kill the living organisms from your building. It will help to preserve the life of your roof tile and shingles, without causing any cracking or fading. Also, the tools we use are designed specifically for cleaning tiles, ensuring there is no damages while providing a quick and professional job.

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What is The Best Time To Get Started

If your home is located in areas without much light, high moisture rates and wooded, you will probably find an issue with algae and moss. It is suggested that you contact a local pressure washing company at the first signs of algae or moss to schedule a regular cleaning.

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It is a common issue for homeowners to believe that stained roofs must be changed to ever look great again. This is a large misconception, and our exterior house washing services may be just what it takes to fully restore your roof, at a fraction of the price. If you are in need of a pressure washing which has not been mentioned on our website, get in touch with us to speak with a power washing processional to see how we can help you. Contact us at or (956) 628-5087.

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