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If you own a home, business building or manage residential property in Cedar Park, TX and in need of professional roof cleaning service, All Pro Washing is always available to help. We clean tiles, asphalt and shingle roofs for commercial and residential properties. Our company was established over 10 years ago and since then, we have been offering premier house washing services in and around Texas.

We clean out algae, moss and mildew from your roof to give it a new look that will last for many years. If these compounds are not cleaned from your roof, they trap in moisture and this may eventually start leaking in the underlying roofing materials and cause rot. You may also start having mold issues in your interiors due to unwanted moisture.

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Why Hire a Professional Roof Power Washing Company in Cedar Park TX?

Roof pressure washing should only be done by professional cleaners considering the risks involved in climbing high heights. All Pro Washing cleaners have professional training in cleaning a variety of roofing materials. Moss and lichen growths are a common problem that ordinary washing can’t get rid of. We use soft roof power washing technique that loosens and washes all microorganisms from your roof without damaging shingles or tiles. To ensure that moss or algae don’t grow back, we will treat your roof with safe chemical solutions after cleaning the roof. The chemicals we use will not bleach or wear your roof surface; neither will they harm your landscaping.

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Benefits Of Our Roof Cleaning Service in Cedar Park TX

All Pro Washing has many benefits including:

• Easier property sale – With a clean roof thanks to our cleaning services, selling your home will be easier, because it will look attractive.

• Prolonged aesthetics – Our pressure cleaning results are instant and will last for a long time because we use algaecides that prevent recurrence of algae and mildew that cause unpleasant stains on your roof.

• Prolonged roof warranty – Re-roofing will be something that will come after a long time if your roof is well maintained through routine roof power washing. Our mild cleaning methods also save your roof from premature wear and save you the cost of installing a new roof.

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Roof Pressure Washing Method That Works

Cleaning your roof with a garden hose or a power washer is not effective enough because moss problem will always come back. Again, you may accidentally rip off your shingles or tiles if you don’t have the expertise to control the high pressure from a power washer. Our pressure washing machines only emit low pressure to give your roof a gentle but effective wash. On top of that, our technicians are very knowledgeable in directing the water jet to clean all the intricate parts of your roof without damaging the surface. Your roof cleaning company should as well deal with the algae problem effectively. We seriously take this into consideration and use algaecides with low impact on the environment.

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What is The Best Time To Get Started

There is no specific time to clean your roof. However, at All Pro Washing, we ensure that the weather is right before offering our service to ensure satisfying results. Don’t wait to have your roof cleaned if you notice black streaks, stains or discolorations on your roof. These are early signs of algae and moss growth. We also offer roof pressure washing if moss has already covered your roof. If time comes to market your property, call us for an assessment of your roof and exteriors. We will be glad to provide our superior power washing services that will leave your entire property sparkling.

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Don’t risk your roof to damage by using chlorine in the effort of removing algae. This will ruin your shingle or asphalt roof and leave you with heavy repair costs. Always call a professional roof pressure cleaning service provider like All Pro Washing. We avoid chlorine and phosphate based cleaning solutions in our cleaning to maintain your roof’s longevity. Our power washing company has washed thousands of residential and commercial roofs in and around Cedar Park, TX over the last 10 years. With our prolonged experience, we guarantee a stain-free roof when we leave your home. Many of our clients are satisfied with our pressure washing services. Dial us today at (512) 572-3539 or visit and get a fast and free estimate.

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