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Are you in need of professional roof cleaning and live in Austin, TX or its neighborhood? All Pro Washing is here to save you the frustration of climbing on your roof to do cleaning. We provide professional roof pressure washing services for residential buildings and commercial buildings.

Common problems on roofs that we are called to solve include mildew, moss and algae growth which can make your building look old that its actual age. Other than the unsightly appearance caused by the unwanted elements, your building is not far from structural damage not limited to rot if the culprits are not eradicated fast. Our roof pressure cleaning service improves the aesthetics of your building and adds more life to your roof.

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Why Hire a Professional Roof Power Washing Company in Austin TX?

All Pro Washing cleans all types of roofs from shingles to tiles. We don’t use ordinary tools like some home owners do. We don’t advise DIY roof cleaning because the high pressure water may blast or loosen your roof shingles and expose the roof structure to leaks and insulation problems. Accidental falls may also occur if you step on wet moss because its very slippery. Trust All Pro Washing cleaners with over 90 years of combined roof and exterior cleaning experience. Our experts are well trained to handle all types of roofs. We use advanced pressure washing tools and equipment that can reach all corners of your roof. Our roof power washing machines use low-pressure spray that gently cleans your roof. We prevent mold recurrence by using powerful yet safe agents that will kill these and other microorganisms that stain your roof.

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Benefits Of Our Roof Cleaning Service in Austin TX

Working with our exterior house washing company will guarantee you these benefits:

• Improved curb appeal – Roofs with mold patches, algae, mildew and dark streaks are not pleasant to look at. Our roof washing service is reliable to deal with all these problems.

• Increased market value – A clean roof is a sign of a well maintained building. Many potential buyers will want to settle for a good looking structure.

• Gentle cleaning techniques – We use very safe yet effective cleaning methods for a variety of roofing materials that will take care of your roof and prepare it for all types of weather.

• Restore your roof’s life – Note that moss and algae hold substantial amount of moisture that can gradually leak in your roof structure. The moisture may cause damaging effects like peeling, leaks and even rot on underlying materials. You wouldn’t want the nightmare of repairing roof in bad weather. We provide routine power washing services for roofs that will remove existing elements like moss and prevent it before it starts showing early signs of growth. The regular cleaning will maintain your roof as good as new.

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Roof Pressure Washing Method That Works

Effective house washing is one that protects the roof structure and maintains a safe living environment for the building’s occupants. At All Pro Washing, safety is our number one priority in all our cleaning projects. Our pressure washing cleaning systems use low pressure that does not cause any cracks or chips on shingles or tiles. On top of that, our technicians use agents that destroy microscopic algae and mold. We only pick and use solutions that will effectively destroy mold and algae without bleaching or cracking your roof.

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What is The Best Time To Get Started

We normally advice our clients to contact us immediately they notice early signs of mold, mildew or algae growth on their exteriors. If not controlled in time, these microorganisms can easily spread in your interiors and cause more aesthetic and health problems. Mold thrives well in dark, moist and wooden areas. Mold can be a recurrent problem if not cleaned well. Ordinary roof washing may not be effective on mold if fungicides are not used. We will do gentle roof pressure washing and use effective chemical solutions that will safely reduce the recurrence of mold growth.

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With a professional power washing company like All Pro Washing, you don’t have to replace your stained roof as it can be quite costly. Our cleaning services will save you the cost of a new roof and leave your home feeling refreshed. We offer more than simple roof pressure cleaning. Our additional services include moss removal and exterior cleaning for buildings and commercial properties. Visit and speak with an All Pro Washing experts in Austin by dialing (512) 572 3539.

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